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  1. Phony or visionary? P.J. Fleck drawing attention for Minnesota now, wins later

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    I don't care what people call him. I just care about wins.
    If you want wins - you more than likely are on the Fleck bandwagon. If you are not on the bandwagon, well, you do not expect
    success with him. Simple as that.
  2. All Things EOAA, Investigation, Suspension, Overturned Etc. Thread: UPDATED 1 Thread

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    Jesus christ, when does this end?

    No more gang bangs!
  3. Good f'n day today

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    Hell yeah. We're going dancing and 8-6 in big ten. Program and pitino in great shape. Those that want to talk tubby and musselman are smoking something. Time to enjoy! Program never been in better shape than now. Pitino also great recruiter. Who wants someone else now?
  4. Will People Be Smart Enough To Realize "Obama Care" Was Retooled Not Replaced?

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    But what about Rubio?
    Rubio? Can't say I have ever heard of him....or her.

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    Mods, please move to the T-Wolves thread.
  5. I have to ask

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    I have to ask. Is PJ Fleck's hire conditional?

    During all the negotiations between Mark Coyle and PJ's agent, in return for the $3.5 million/year contract was a stipulation to not retain any of Tracey Claeys' coaches part of the contract?

    Mark Coyle is not that vindictive is he for the coaches standing up for the players? He appeared very angry in the presser announcing the firing of Tracey Claeys and when he threw the entire coaching staff under the bus. I seem to
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