1. Phony or visionary? P.J. Fleck drawing attention for Minnesota now, wins later

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    I don't care what people call him. I just care about wins.
    If you want wins - you more than likely are on the Fleck bandwagon. If you are not on the bandwagon, well, you do not expect
    success with him. Simple as that.
  2. I have to ask

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    I have to ask. Is PJ Fleck's hire conditional?

    During all the negotiations between Mark Coyle and PJ's agent, in return for the $3.5 million/year contract was a stipulation to not retain any of Tracey Claeys' coaches part of the contract?

    Mark Coyle is not that vindictive is he for the coaches standing up for the players? He appeared very angry in the presser announcing the firing of Tracey Claeys and when he threw the entire coaching staff under the bus. I seem to
  3. can they stop our run game?

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    We need to run the most boring, predictable, and successful RUTM game plan of our lives.

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    So, we need to Limegrover the Cougars!
    Our pass rush, which has looked pretty good this year, might be the thing that keeps us in the game!
  4. OK! OK! enough!

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    Expand your point. You can't just drop an exactly after saying they are being "rewarded" with a trip to S.D.. Can't let you off of the hook that easy.

    BTW Rog, I am sorry for my role in hijacking your thread. I do want to know more about/ talk about the game in question. Just still struggling with the events in question.

    I will add that I am somewhat concerned about the ability of our offense to run/ move the ball against WSU. They
  5. Gopherhole's Sports Huddle Recap: Head Coach Tracy Claeys - 11/27/16

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    Writing on the wall is Croft is not the guy. Can he scramble? Not throw it up for grabs? Immediate upgrade vs meltdown-mode Mitch. You don't keep a pitcher in that just got shelled for five home runs.
    He doesn't want to pull the redshirt on Croft and lose an entire year. Rhoda could have been put in, but he has been notified that his future is not an Minnesota. Its Leidner in the Bowl.
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