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  1. What is your level of confidence for the Purdue game?

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    Gophers have a couple days more rest, at home, senior night, win could really solidify tournament chances, and while Purdue is a great team like most teams they aren't quite as good on the road. Going back to the end of January their last 4 road games have been a 99-90 OT win over Penn State, 70-56 loss to Maryland, 48-46 win over Indiana, and 75-72 win over Nebraska. This is the opportunity this team wants and need and I feel strongly the Gophers will take advantage of it.
    THIS!! ...
  2. All Things Matthew Hurt Thread (Rochester JM, Class of 2019)

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    Unreal if that happens. My only consolation is they don’t win a national championship.
    If it is true i have become very comfortable not wanting one and dones. The programs i follow do not get those kids but i like watching kids grow for 4 years in a program.
    I agree, but Hurt would be a game/program changer, being his is a MN kid.

    the fan base would grow a ton