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  1. Curry Undergoes Surgical Procedure, expected to miss 4-6 weeks
  2. Gophers vs UMD exhibition
  3. Video Interviews: Jordan Murphy and Amir Coffey preview the Gophers' 2018 season
  4. New Pitino blog: Scrimmage Wrap-Up
  5. Chicago Tribune: 5 College Basketball Coaches on the Hot Seat (Pitino #4)
  6. Gopher players react to uniforms of 1911 Gopher team (video)
  7. STrib: Marcus Carr anxiously waiting on NCAA to grant his waiver to play for Gophers
  8. Dupree: I Ask That All Of You Guys Pray For My Mom !
  9. U: Come along with the Gophers as they took in the Vikings game (video)
  10. Wow - 9 minute documentary on Kobe Brown's official visit to the U
  11. Shama: Golden Gophers ‘Love Being Underdogs’
  12. A Great Gopher Fan Now Looking Down From Above
  13. SI: Ranking Every Team in College Basketball (39. Minnesota, 8th in Big Ten)
  14. STrib: Pitino, players talk Gophers frontcourt
  15. Murphy on Oturu: "very talented kid in the post...Great two-way player."
  16. MN Daily: Gophers basketball set to start season after eventful training camp
  18. Watch/Listen to tonight's MBB game vs. Duluth
  19. Three takaways from the Gophers 109-53 win over Duluth
  20. First impressions of each Gopher player in 3 words or less
  21. Coaches Rank Best Job in Conference
  22. Washington game added to TV schedule, will air on BTN
  23. If a Fired Billy Donovan Returns to College Basketball, Where Could He Land? (Minn)
  24. Northwestern's Welsh-Ryan Arena: From intimate dump to intimate palace (with photos)
  25. Marcus: Takeaways from Gophers' exhibition victory against Minnesota Duluth
  26. Daniel Oturu won Student-Athlete of the month for October 2018
  27. Andy Katz has Gophers as 8 seed vs Providence in pre-season NCAA Tourn bracketology
  28. Predict the score vs Omaha
  29. Shooter: Mychal Thompson said he closely follows his alma mater.
  30. Shooter: Tubby's High Point squad picked to finish seventh in the Big South Conf
  31. Headed to the game on Tuesday? Make sure you’re ready when the lights go out.
  32. Eric Musselman tweets out picture of Dad's 1971-72 Gopher defensive guide!
  33. Who will lead the 2018-19 Gophers in rebounding?
  34. Jordan Murphy on Naismith Trophy preseason watch list
  35. Gophers favored by 15 over Omaha
  36. Gopher men’s basketball preview: Out for a rebound after last year’s collapse
  37. Greeder Tweet - Carr listed as sitting out season
  38. FSN: 5 questions for Gophers men’s basketball in 2018-19
  39. STrib article on Nate Mason, claims
  40. It's finally here.
  41. Richard Pitino early betting favorite to be fired
  42. The Pick Per Day is Back!
  43. New Court Color
  45. ESPN: LaMelo Ball to enroll at Spire Institute, again play high school basketball
  46. BTN: We asked @GopherMBB to give us some impressions of their teammates (video)
  47. Pioneer Press: Five keys to successful Gophers basketball season
  48. Washington! Washington! Washington! Washington!
  49. House Report: Veterans and young players shine in the Gophers’ 104-76 win over Omaha
  50. Omaha post-game thoughts
  51. Gabe
  52. Video: Highlights: Gopher Men's Basketball Defeats Omaha 104-76
  53. Souhan: Richard Pitino's Gophers have nice mix of veteran talent, youthful promise
  54. New Barn PA announcer
  55. Pick Per Day 11/7/18
  56. Duke
  57. Marcus Carr Waiver: Appeal Announcement Expected Today (11/14)
  58. STrib: Takeaways from Gophers hoops opening victory against Omaha
  59. 200 minutes per game
  60. Zulgad: Feeling the pressure: Just how hot is Richard Pitino’s seat?
  61. MN Daily: Freshman Oturu looks to play big role for Gophers
  62. Fired Gophers ticket director charged in alleged long-running ticket-order scheme
  63. Pick Per Day 11/8/18
  64. CBS: Where every team ranks in each state, from top to bottom (Minnesota: Minnesota)
  65. STrib: The best Minnesota players in college basketball who aren't Gophers
  66. Pick Per Day 11/9/18
  67. Pitino Blog Update - Curry And Conroy Chuckles
  68. Will Oturu cut into Murphy's double doubles?
  69. All Things 2018-19 Other College Basketball Games Thread
  70. Pick Per Day 11/10/18
  71. Predict the score vs Utah
  72. Sid: Gophers men’s basketball coach Richard Pitino on his tough schedule
  73. Shooter: Spencer Tollackson undergoes second reconstructed right ankle surgery
  74. Pick Per Day, Veterans Day Edition
  75. Utah Previews
  76. Pick Per Day 11/12/18
  77. Mn -8 vs Utah
  79. STrib: Three Twin Cities freshmen make instant impact for Gophers basketball team
  80. Doogie: The Bucks and Jazz will scout Gophers-Utah game.
  81. Q&A: Big Man Dain Dainja Talks Recruiting and Upcoming Visits
  82. House Report: Kalscheur’s sharp shooting leads the Gophers to a 78-69 win over Utah
  83. Video Highlights: Gopher Men's Basketball Defeats Utah 78-69
  84. Sex, Lies, Videotape
  85. Post Utah, Pre Season Thoughts
  86. Vegas nailed it last night
  87. RandBall: It's a week of statement games for Minnesota teams (Monday: Utah at MN)
  88. Gophers Non-Conference Opponents So Far
  89. Pick Per Day 11/13/18
  90. Dip **** again
  91. All Things Tre' Williams Recruit Thread - UPDATED: Tre Williams Signs With Gophers!
  92. Illini vs Georgetown
  93. Trio of local freshmen getting a chance to grow up fast for Gopher basketball
  94. Pick Per Day 11/14/18
  95. Wow: Fitchburg St Basketball Player Viciously Elbows Opponent to the Ground (video)
  96. Shama on the slow pace of Monday's game due to official reviews and time-outs
  97. Michigan vs Villanova
  98. Pick Per Day 11/15/18
  99. Pitino Blog: Reviewing Utah
  100. Interesting article on Dan Monson's contract and how heavily it relies on incentives
  101. Tribune: Pitino would go 0 for MN again if no Hurt
  102. Video: When you’re with your boys vs. when you’re at work.
  103. ESPN: Syracuse misspells 'Boeheim' on back of jersey of coach's son
  104. Pick Per Day 11/16/18
  105. Many tickets remain available for US Bank game
  106. Mychal Thompson: Jordan Murphy...The BEST Big Man in Gopher history
  107. Pitino on Murphy approaching Gophers rebound record: He'll blow that out of the water
  108. Pick Per Day 11/17/18
  109. Sid Hartman: Eric Kaler's departure will leave questions for Gophers athletics
  110. STrib: Gophers basketball team tests the high-major waters
  111. Shotoer: Gophers have 32-to-1 odds to win the Big Ten; if healthy should be Top 5
  112. Shooter: former Gophers coach Jimmy Williams has worrisome health issues
  113. Pick Per Day 11/18/18
  115. What are your thoughts on the Gophers uniforms vs Texas A&M?
  116. The Return of Josh Martin
  117. Pick Per Day 11/19/18
  118. Starting lineup against Washington
  119. START IW Vs. Santa Clara!
  120. Omersa: Who’s ball? My ball. (Video)
  121. 11/19 Rankings
  122. Nov. 19 B1G Power Points Rankings: Gophers sitting at #6
  123. Gophers men's basketball receiving votes in the coaches poll
  124. STrib: Gophers finding they have more in reserve this season
  125. Pick Per Day 11/20/18
  127. STrib: Gophers look to clean up turnover problems in the backcourt
  128. Point Guard
  129. Gopher fans rave about time at Vancouver Showcase, saying people here are "MN Nice"
  130. Washington game thread
  131. Pick Per Day 11/21/18
  132. Wash v Minn......PK-10 o/u 147
  133. Gabe Kalscheur. 3 Stars. LOL.
  135. Eric Musselman please
  136. Gabe Hoffarbor
  137. House Report: Gophers overcome slow start to pick up a huge 68-66 last-second win
  138. Ok, I have to admit that Zags are a good team
  139. Richard Pitino please
  140. Pick Per Day - Turkey Edition
  141. Matz Stockman
  142. CBS: College basketball rankings: the Top 25 And 1 (Minnesota is the "And 1")
  143. Pioneer Press: Gophers glad to see backup center Matz Stockman asserting himself
  144. MN Daily: Amir Coffey fitting right in at new position
  145. Eric Curry, nursing injured knee, aiming to return to Gophers lineup by Big Ten play
  146. Pick Per Day - 11/23/18
  147. STrib: Murder trial of former Gopher Daquein McNeil ends with hung jury
  148. Rick Pitino: Love Minnesota’s 3 local frosh. Terrific potential with great attitudes.
  149. Pick Per Day 11/25/18
  150. Gophers ranked 25th in new CBS poll
  151. Has Anyone Heard Anything RE: Our 2019 Early Season Tourney?
  152. Oklahoma State beating #19 LSU
  153. Weekly B1G Power Points Rankings
  154. STrib: Gophers freshman Gabe Kalscheur brings veteran moxie
  155. Pick Per Day 11/26/18
  156. 2018 Big Ten-ACC Challenge Prediction Thread
  157. Oklahoma St vs Minnesota game time?
  158. Gophers are #43 in first ever NET rankings
  159. Kalscheur Named Big Ten Freshman of the Week
  160. Are we favored tonight according to ESPN's BPI?
  161. Congrats to Tubby Smith on earning career win #600!
  163. The Blueprint Is Written
  164. 2016 Claeys, 2017 Lucia, 2018 Pitino
  165. House Report: Stagnant shooting plagues the Gophers in a 68-56 loss at Boston College
  166. Perspective on Minnesota Sports Over Last 8 Days
  167. "Gophers can't shoot threes" is a MYTH!!!
  168. Minnesota 0-fer Dupree McBrayer
  169. It’s shooting, relax....
  170. Pick Per Day 11/27/18
  171. ESPN: Mike Krzyzewski tells Duke fans to dial back hype around young team
  172. Doogie: Ticket sales for Friday's game "lacking in a very very troubling way"
  173. Doogie on Curry's return for Sunday's BT opener: "More unlikely than likely"
  174. Pick Per Day 11/28/18
  175. Marcus: Takeaways from Gophers basketball first loss of the season vs. Boston College
  176. STrib: U.S. Bank Stadium gets ready for its first-ever basketball games
  177. Press Conferences
  178. Big Ten Picks, Then and Now
  179. MN Daily: After long journey, Matz Stockman is getting a chance to contribute at MN
  180. Pick Per Day 11/29/18
  181. Pitino Blog: Recapping the Road Trips
  182. Awesome: Kalin Bennett, Arkansas teen with autism, recruited to play at Kent State
  183. Pick Per Day 11/30/18
  185. House Report: Jordan Murphy dominates as Gophers win 83-76 at U.S. Bank Stadium
  186. Where my Jelly Fam H8ers at?
  187. B1G has 12 teams in top 50 of KenPom
  188. Pick Per Day 12/1/18
  190. Pick Per Day 12/2/18
  191. Pick Per Day 12/3/18
  192. Sid: There are no former Gophers basketball players in the NBA.
  193. Fred Hoiberg fired by the Bulls, does he get back into college coaching?
  194. Weekly B1G "Strength of Victories" Power Rankings
  195. How would you grade the Freshmen so far?
  196. U Regent writes Deadspin Op-ed: Here's A Fair Way To Pay College Athletes
  197. Marcus: Nebraska game is a chance to quiet some noise
  198. Iowa
  199. Prayers for Dupree- Mother passed away
  200. Pick Per Day 12/14/18
  201. Gophers will play Boomer Sooner in Sioux Falls next November
  202. Pitino expects Dupree McBrayer to play Wednesday against Nebraska
  203. MI vs NW
  204. Pick Per Day 12/5/18
  206. Doogie: Pacers and Magic scouts will be at the Barn tonight
  207. Rumor of BT wanting Texas and Oklahoma expansion targets in 2024/2025
  208. Point Guard - Stull
  209. Tim Miles
  210. anyone from huskerboard?
  211. Last 7 games
  212. The Gophers RPI is:
  213. Amir
  214. Gophers honor Dupree McBrayer’s mother with an emotional comeback win
  215. Next 4 Games then @Becky
  216. Pay it forward for Nebraska's sportsmanship in honor of Dupree's mom
  217. Pick Per Day 12/6/18
  218. Defense REALLY Sucks; How To Possibly Fix It
  219. Video: A very emotional Richard Pitino talks about the passing of Dupree's Mom
  220. Video Highlights: Men's Basketball Defeats No. 24 Nebraska, 85-78
  221. MN Daily: Gabe Kalscheur's hot hand making an impact in freshman season
  222. What was the technical called on Nebraska for?
  223. Video: Last night, some great people gave shout outs to Jordan Murphy
  224. Reusse: This was as important as any game Pitino has coached
  225. Big Ten opener announced attendance: 9,624
  226. Jordan Murphy closing in on all-time B1G Ten rebounding record
  227. Joe Lunardi: First 4 Out (WVU, LSU, Notre Dame, Minnesota)
  228. Why is the NCAA tweeting out Duke HS recruiting commitment news?
  229. Pitino says Curry could be back on Tuesday vs North Florida
  230. Barreiro interview with Pitino
  231. Pick Per Day 12/7/18
  232. Field of 68 Projection (New NCAA NET Style)
  233. Reusse: Washington attempting to catch up to Wright, Davison in sophomore season
  234. Judd: Pitino to Coffey: When are they going to start talking about you?
  235. B1G Power Rankings
  236. In The One-And-Done World Of College Basketball, Coach K Is Beating John Calipari
  237. Something you can do for Dupree right now
  238. Pick Per Day 12/8/18
  240. House Report: Oturu posts a double-double in Gophers' 72-56 win over Arkansas State
  241. Official Brad Davison is a Tool Thread
  242. Video: Highlights: Gopher Men's Basketball Defeats Arkansas State 72-56
  243. Shooter: Reggie Lynch averaging 10.1 points and 4.1 blocked shots in Estonia.
  244. Shooter: Spectators were fuming it took hour to get out of pkng lot after MN/Okla St
  245. Pitino on Washington: He clearly hasn't had great body language (video)
  246. WCCO: Former Gopher Al Nolen Sets Sights On Becoming School Principal
  247. 5 Observations From Gophers’ 72-56 Win Over Arkansas State
  248. Texas A&M 'perplexed' when Boston College doesn't travel to game due to rain
  249. Former U official pleads guilty to wire fraud in connection to ticket scheme
  250. Pick Per Day 12/9/18