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  1. Charley Walters: McKinley Boston says Gophers’ NCAA seed will be in 5-7 range
  2. Video: Sean Miller calls time out with 1 second left, up 11 to taunt Alford
  3. BTN.com’s Day 4 All-Big Ten tourney team (Nate Mason: Minnesota)
  4. Springs injury effect on NCAA seed
  5. Final Field of 68 Projection (March 12, 1:05 a.m.)
  6. GopherHole's 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge - Win Prizes and Bragging Rights!
  7. Pick Per Day 3-12-17
  8. Bracketology Items of Note
  9. Minnesotans in the Tourney (per Ryan James on Twitter)
  10. GOPHERS A 5 SEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Predict The Score vs Mid TN State 3-19-17 in Milwaukee.
  12. Roll Call - Who's Going to Milwaukee?!
  13. Video: Gophers react to receiving a No. 5 seed in the NCAA tournament
  14. 2 Extra Tickets to MKE 1st and 2nd Rds
  15. Game time vs MTSU?
  16. Looking at Middle Tennessee State
  17. Gopher Badger seeds
  18. Murphy Time
  19. How far will the Gophers advance in the 2017 NCAA Tournament?
  20. Rick and Richard Pitino - First Ever Father/Son Duo to Coach in Tournament in Same Yr
  21. CBS: Power ranking national title hopefuls, seeds 1-68 (#26. Minnesota)
  22. TV Schedule/Announcers
  23. STrib: Gophers have dangerous NCAA tournament foe in Middle Tennessee, last year
  24. Reusse column: Second Coffey plays big role in another Minnesota turnaround
  25. Gophers 1 point favorites vs Middle TN State
  26. Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Elaine Benes with the college hoops Tweet of the Day!
  27. This Gopher team deserves more respect
  28. Andrew Doughty: For Minnesota, NCAA Tournament Berth Eliminates Final Stench of 1999
  29. Per GopherHole Request, Projecting the At-Larges Numbers
  30. OT. Will we see Dances4Raiders?
  31. The Meltdown, Part 2...
  32. Pick Per Day 3-13-17.
  33. The bracket and teams from same conference
  34. Reusse: Gophers dealt with tough standards on way to their earliest NCAA appearances
  35. CBS will have TV crew following Gophers throughout March Madness
  36. ESPN: Illinois State coach Dan Muller sends Twitter plea to boost next season's slate
  37. Shama: Opponent Gets Hype, But Gophers to Win
  38. Extra Tickets - Milwaukee
  39. Gophers sold out of its NCAA tickets for Milwaukee
  40. FiveThirtyEight's round-by-round probabilities
  41. Final AP Top 25 Poll (24 teams)
  42. ESPN: LaVar Ball wants to package 3 sons for $1 billion shoe deal
  43. 5 vs 12 - not so bad for "Power" conference schools
  44. CBS: 68 reasons this bracket sets up as a beauty (Gophers are 3 of the 68 reasons)
  45. CBS: Ranking which 12-5 upsets are most likely to happen (#1. Mdl TN St over Minn)
  46. CBS: Ranking the four regions from strongest to weakest (Toughest: South)
  47. Nate Mason, among others, on cover of Sports Illustrated's March Madness issue!
  48. Excited and sad at the same time. Thank you Gophers!
  49. How the Gophers beat everybody in the tournament
  50. Pick Per Day 3-14-17
  51. Chip Scoggins: Mason's education: how U point guard grew into bold leader
  52. Michael Wilbon has the Gophers going to the Sweet 16
  53. Yahoo: Ranking the four most likely potential first-round upsets (#1. MTS over Minn)
  54. Reuvers vs. Hurt 1AAAA Final
  55. Things I forget that I hate about the NCAA Tourney
  56. Column: Look to Minnesota for hope, Mizzou men’s basketball fans
  57. Pitino on underdog role vs. Middle Tennessee: "Everybody thinks we shouldn't show up"
  58. Pick Per Day 3-15-17
  59. Gopher gam time tomorrow
  60. Does anyone know if press conferences today are available for viewing?
  61. Who Going to the Games in Milwaukee?
  62. Funny tweet by AP Jon in response to MTSU now being favored by 1 point
  64. Who from the other 13 B1G teams is a sure bet to leave early for the NBA?
  65. Selling 4 Lower Level Tickets
  66. Obama picks Minnesota over MTSU
  67. How are you watching the Gopher game tomorrow?
  68. STrib: Middle Tennessee big men not impressed with Gophers' Reggie Lynch
  69. Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live (Bill Simmons) has MN as lock of first round
  70. Gov. Dayton picks Gophers to win it all in March Madness bracket
  71. "The Road to the Final Four"
  72. Transcript from the press conference today from Pitino, Mason and Murphy
  73. Heading to Milwaukee with 3 extra Lower Level tickets for sale
  74. Pick Per Day 3-16-17
  75. My favorite expert's bracket
  76. Let's play some Over/Under for MTSU
  77. Thinking Ahead -
  78. Gopher hype video featuring music from Lawrence McKenzie
  79. NCAA Tournament - First and Second Round Other Games Thread
  80. Which Big Ten team will go furthest in the NCAA Tournament?
  81. BTN: Key player for each Big Ten team in the NCAA tournament (Minn: Reggie Lynch)
  82. Video: Who has the best hair on Minnesota?
  83. Crean just got the Axe!
  84. Can we get something started here...
  85. What one word sums up today's performance?
  86. Thanks Players
  87. Observations and Opinions
  88. Congrats to MTSU!
  89. House’s Report: Gophers fall 81-72 to Middle Tennessee State in the NCAA Tournament
  90. Post game notes: Pitino on Nate Mason's injury, not playing D, lacking depth
  91. Silver Linings - Life would be too hard for me without them
  92. which tournament will the gophers make next year the Ncaa or Nit
  93. Live from Bradley Center following Gophers’ loss to Middle Tennessee with Phil Mackey
  94. Big Ten is Suffering this year
  95. What grade would you give the Gophers 2016-2017 basketball season?
  96. Pick Per Day 3-17-17
  97. Zulgad: Gophers’ loss doesn’t take away from the fact the future looks bright
  98. Sid Hartman: Gophers' loss shouldn't detract from season accomplishments
  99. Announcers
  100. Bloggin' Scoggins: Mason, Gophers struggle on big stage
  101. Chip Scoggins: Committee got Gophers, Middle Tennessee seeds backward
  102. STrib; Gophers' Nate Mason, injured and off his game, ends strong season with a dud
  103. Lynch
  104. What do you hope to see in offseason for Gophers to take the next step for next year?
  105. NCAA Tournament 2017: Thank you Minnesota Basketball
  106. A ray of hope for the future
  107. Most Dissappointing statistic
  108. David Kahn listed as Athletic Director candidate at UNLV
  109. Next Year' Schedule
  110. Reusse: Gophers took advantage of a softer-than-usual BT schedule for win streak
  111. Gophers AD Mark Coyle: ‘I’ve told (Pitino) I want to talk about his contract’
  112. Pioneer Press: Expectations soaring for Gophers basketballp
  113. Looks like the teams Twitter ban is over
  114. Gopher Still Playing
  115. Post-season tickets in the future
  116. Pick Per Day 3-18-17
  117. Technical on Pitino
  118. ESPN: Louisville player confuses CBS reporter for Jacksonville State spy
  119. WCCO: Gopher Fans See A Bright Future For Basketball In Minnesota
  120. Guard Play Next Year
  121. Could we try 'Press Virginia' next season?
  122. Mikyle McIntosh
  123. Illinois has hired Oklahoma State’s Brad Underwood
  124. Do the Gophers have a shooting coach?
  125. Q&A: Matthew Hurt Talks Sophomore Season, Recruiting, Oturu's Commitment to Minnesota
  126. Pick per Day 3-19-17
  127. Current BIG Players Leaving Early for NBA?
  128. Q&A: Gopher Commit Jamir Harris Excited to Bring His Shooting Ability to Minnesota
  129. Transfer/Grad Transfer question
  130. Where is Fire Dave Lee guy when we need him?
  131. A March Madness Compendium
  132. Pick Per Day 3-20-17.
  133. CBS: Wichita State coach's wife confronted about cursing ("Let's F@&k some S@$T Up")
  134. Yahoo: Why HC who launched Gonzaga's dynasty has no regrets about leaving it behind
  135. Atlanta Journal Constitution: The story of Red Panda, the amazing halftime act
  136. ESPN: 18.8MM brackets filled out for Tournament Challenge, only 18 left are perfect
  137. Coach K's last year?
  138. Isaiah Washington Named Mr. Basketball New York
  139. Which Twin Cities Media Member Has The Best Gopher BBall Takes In Town?
  140. Shama: Pitino to Face another Prove-It Year
  141. Jamir Harris in NJ Championship game
  142. All things 2017 Minnesota boys high school tourney
  143. Has there been a better grad transfer than Akeem Springs?
  144. 2016-2017 Transfer List
  145. Pick Per Day 3-21-17.
  146. Which Remaining Big Ten Teams Are You Cheering For?
  147. Jamir Harris last night
  148. A Little Reggie Humor
  149. Nate Mason Moving Up on Gopher Career Stat Lists
  150. Pick Per Day 3-22-17.
  151. Michael Hurt - Redshirt?
  152. Chicago Tribune: What's the Big Ten's best basketball coaching job? (#11. Minnesota)
  153. From immortal to quite mortal, UK's Unforgettables face midlife challenges 25 yrs lat
  154. Will a Big Ten team win the National Championship this year?
  155. All Things Clifton Moore (2017 PF) Thread
  156. All Things 2017-18 B1G Schedules
  157. Pick Per Day 3-23-17
  158. Lavar Ball
  159. Q&A: Race Thompson Talks Recruiting, Reaction to Daniel Oturu Committing to Gophers
  160. All Things 2017 Sweet 16 and Elite 8 Games Thread
  161. Sid: Missed Springs
  162. Morken's musings: Reason to believe in Gophers future
  163. Pick Per Day 3-24-17.
  164. Gophers vs. NCAA-Qualifying Teams Since 1999-00 Season
  165. Help me deal with a perception regarding players leaving for the draft (nationwide)
  166. I get first pick
  167. Hey Showalter.....karma is a you know what....
  168. Best tweets following the Badgers game...
  169. 2020 Starting lineup
  170. Pick Per Day 3-25-17.
  171. IU makes it official and announces Archie Miller from Dayton will be the new HC
  172. Macura and Long Sleeves
  173. Sid: Pitino excited to work with Curry, "great chance to take a huge step forward."
  174. Q&A: Gabe Kalscheur Talks Recruiting, Relationship with Coach Johnson, Pitino
  175. Pick Per Day 3-26-17
  176. Wright to Dayton
  177. Former Gophers Coach Niko Medved to Drake per CBS...
  178. North Carolina
  179. Zulgad: Where did we go wrong? Documenting the meltdown of Minnesota sports in March
  180. Pick Per Day 3-27-17.
  181. Shaka to Georgetown?
  182. Hawkeye Nation Early 2018 Gophers Preview: Return 88% of minutes and points
  183. Rand: Gophers hockey, basketball and football: the state of the programs
  184. Extensive Q&A: Tre Jones Talks Another State Title, Recruiting, Gophers and More
  185. Clem Haskins, Gophers stung by U's silence 20 years after Final Four run
  186. 1997 Gophers basketball where are they now? (STrib)
  187. Pick Per Day 3-28-17.
  188. Early look at 2017-18 Big Ten Power Rankings: Minnesota at #2
  189. Gilbert transferring
  190. Clem Haskins: 'Gophers can win a national championship with local talent'
  191. All things 2017 EXTRA Scholarship
  192. Kentucky fans going off the deep end
  193. Melo is gone, hiring an agent
  194. B1G NBA Early Declare List
  195. Pick Per Day 3-29-17.
  196. 2014 PG's
  197. Did Northwestern Basketball Run Off Johnnie Vassar?
  198. Chip Scoggins: Twenty more years will not erase the stain that Clem Haskins oversaw
  199. BTN: Best of 2016-17 men's basketball season: Biggest surprise (Minnesota)
  200. Jeff Van Gundy Calls Richard Pitino a "Brat."
  201. Because I know you can't get enough of LaVar Ball
  202. Pick Per Day 3-30-17.
  203. Just curious...
  204. Video: Gopher Basketball: Thank You Season Ticket Holders
  205. Akeem: extremely satisfied with decision to be a Gopher, 17-18 should be fun (for U)
  206. Pick Per Day 3-31-17.
  207. Not Necessarily Apropos, But Great Story on Tom Crean
  208. Pick Per Day 4-1-17.
  209. Interesting Article about how two fans help beat UCLA in '97.
  210. All Things Final Four Games Thread. Zags vs South Carolina, UNC vs Oregon
  211. Crookston Times: Did Minnesota Gophers choke?
  212. Video: Richard Pitino tours new gopher basketball facilities
  213. All things 23 years of fake classes thread.
  214. Q&A: McKinley Wright Talks About His College Future After Archie Miller Left Dayton
  215. All Things Way to early 2017-18 top 25 (Gophers ranked as high as #10!!)
  216. All Things Minnesota AAU Teams
  217. ESPN: Without Dan Monson, Gonzaga is not playing for a national championship
  218. Fun Read About '97
  219. All Things National Title Game Thread: #1 UNC vs #1 Gonzaga
  220. Pick Per Day 4-3-17. Last one of the year.
  221. Laugh at poor Frank Kaminsky Here
  222. BTN: Look ahead to 2017-18 men's basketball season: Big Ten favorite (Yarina: MN)
  223. Gopher Basketball Apparel
  224. new PA announcer
  225. STrib: UNC guard could've played with a Gopher
  226. Las Vegas 2017/18 National Title Odds
  227. The Ringer: The (Still) Awesome Life of Dick Vitale
  228. Video: 2017 One Shining Moment with brief Amir Coffey cameo
  229. Projected 2017 Big Ten/ACC Challenge Pairings
  230. College Basketball's Biggest Night was nearly unwatchable
  231. Final Big Ten KenPom, RPI & Composite Rankings
  232. Ski-U-Mah Magazine: Big Man On Campus: Globetrotter Bakary Konaté finds a happy home
  233. Fox Sports: Dave Bliss resigns from head-coaching gig after scandalous comments
  234. Pick Per Day Final Result for the Year.
  235. ESPN: With everyone back, Minnesota should be a Big Ten favorite next season
  236. Gophers a #6 for initial 2017-18 Lunardi Bracketology
  237. Two Years Ago in Gopher Basketball History
  238. STrib: Minneapolis officials take Final Four notes in preparation for 2019
  239. Ref John Higgins putting life back together after frightening threats from UK fans
  240. STrib: Gophers basketball game at U.S. Bank Stadium now expected for December 2018
  241. Tubby runs the Lawson brothers out of Memphis!
  242. Prized Illinois Recruit, Jeremiah Tilmon, Asks Out of NLI
  243. Disgraced on Showtime
  244. NCAA Tournament - Twin Cities
  245. Doogie: Richard Pitino has had some interesting conversations w/ a few diff parents
  246. notdoogie: "Several high level fans questioning Pitino"
  247. Reggie Makes His 2nd Career Defensive All-American Team
  248. New Pitino Blog: "When healthy he (Fitz) shows flashes of being our best player."
  249. There is a place for Reggie in the NBA
  250. WSJ: How Much Is Your College-Basketball Team Worth? (#27. Minnesota, $77MM)